About me


To explore strange new worlds,
to seek out new life and new civilizations,
to boldly go where no one has gone before
–Star Trek

  • Current Football Journalist @ Tencent Sports, Strategy Consultant @ Amey, London.
  • Former Operation Specialist @ Hupu Sports Media, Shanghai
  • Former UI/UX Designer @ Xiaomi Technology, Beijing
  • Monkey Chinese girl, Still young

Professional Skills


  • Preferred Language:
    Python, HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript, C/C++
  • Preferred Libraries and ToolKits:
    D3, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTouch, Unity3D, Phaser
  • Areas of Expertise
    Machine Learning, Data Science and Visualization, Modeling, Computer Graphics, Game Design, Game Development


  • Preferred software:
    Photoshop, Premiere, Cinema4D
  • Areas of Expertise
    UI/UX design, Digital Media Processing



  • Games: no game no life.
    • 3DS-FC:2380-6116-2933 SUN/ORAS/MH4G/MHX
    • SW-FC:SW-6301-7155-8723 Splatoon 2/Mario Kart 8
  • Football: no football no second life
    • Home teams: Atletico de Madrid, Liverpool
  • Anime: 我が生涯に一片の悔い無し
  • Reading: especially the history, philosophy, culture, geography and Sci-Fi
  • Piano: play some personal arrange pieces of game OST
  • delicious meat: just eat


  • Mean Machine is a nickname given by mi amigo Valentin. But I’m not mean and I wanna live like a human being.
  • Typewind is a neta of Type-Moon, which is my favorite visual novel game company with Fate / Kara no Kyokai / series.
  • True name: Shuyao Chen (陈舒瑶). Thank you for reading to here. Nice to meet you!